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Свободностояща съдомиялна Gorenje GS693C60XUVAD

Свободностояща съдомиялна Gorenje GS693C60XUVAD
Свободностояща съдомиялна Gorenje GS693C60XUVAD
Свободностояща съдомиялна Gorenje GS693C60XUVAD
Свободностояща съдомиялна Gorenje GS693C60XUVAD
Свободностояща съдомиялна Gorenje GS693C60XUVAD
Свободностояща съдомиялна Gorenje GS693C60XUVAD
Свободностояща съдомиялна Gorenje GS693C60XUVAD
Свободностояща съдомиялна Gorenje GS693C60XUVAD
Свободностояща съдомиялна Gorenje GS693C60XUVAD
Свободностояща съдомиялна Gorenje GS693C60XUVAD
Свободностояща съдомиялна Gorenje GS693C60XUVAD
1299,00 лв.
  • Stock: С поръчка
  • Производител: Gorenje
  • Арт. номер: 739748

Енергиен клас: C

Брой комплекти: 16 брой


автоматично отваряне на вратата

Инверторен PowerDrive мотор

Брой кошници: 3

Тип конструкция: Свободностоящ

Ширина: 599 мм

Височина: 846 мм

Removes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses at even lower temperature.

Real antibacterial effect also at lower programme temperatures (example Eco 55°C). The UV light function is activated via new UV option, which is carefully placed in the hydraulic system. UV function is optional and can be used on all programmes. With combination of Eco, Auto, Intensive, Daily, Night and Hygiene programme, it removes up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from the rinsing water.

Superb dry dishes.

Superb dry dishes. After the washing cycle, fan gets activated and removes all hot steam from the tub. The moisture is directed back to the tub. The dishwasher door automatically opens just slightly to let in fresh air, resulting in effective protection of the kitchen counter from hot steam outlet.This allows fresh air to reach the dishes, so the washed items like plastic dishes dry completely.

As flexible as your time will be

Gorenje UltraClean dishwashers offer enough space for all your needs. Three baskets enable washing up to 16 place settings at a time. The fully flexible interior allows for different loading options, the use is simple and you can really throw the ultimate party!

"All about your dishwasher at your fingertips"

Simplify your life and have all the possibilities to control and check your dishwasher via app on your mobile device.Remote control, mobile notifications and ticketing are functionalities that will help you manage all dishwashing operations smoother and faster from wherever you are."

Up to 30% better cleaning results

The additional spray arm, located at the top of the dishwasher, ensures better water coverage and through rinsing for up to 30 % better cleaning results. All dishes and cutlery will always be washed to perfection.

Effectively fast

An effective and fast programme designed for daily use on dishes with slightly dried leftovers. This program works at 65°C and it is finished in 1 hour.

Remarkable power, high efficiency

The new powerful brushless Inverter PowerDrive motor with speed regulation assures high performance with notably less noise, low energy consumption and a longer lifetime.

Perfect solution for toughest stains and highest level of dirtiness

The new Gorenje dishwashing models have the perfect solution for toughest stains and highest level of dirtiness: two powerful and high efficient nozzles, located in the rear part of the tub. With application of high pressure water, they are targeting directly the hardest stains, perfect fo cleaning pots, pans and baking trays.

No more bad smells while waiting to fill-up your dishwasher

Everyone is familiar with bad smell that comes from a few days half loaded dishwasher that has been loading for a few days. The advanced IonTech technology built in Gorenje dishwashers operates on the principle of the natural process of ionization, which naturally eliminates odors and keeps your dishwasher fresh, even when it is full of dirty dishes.

Loading and unloading has never been so fast and easy

Effortless and fast loading your dish, upper basket have now smooth gliding. Loading and unloading has never been so fast and easy, thanks to user-friendly ball bearing guide rails on the upper basket.

Pefect place for your wine glasses

Place your wine glasses in a safe dedicated space on lower and upper basket with the help of special designed glass holders. They are equiped with a special rubber material, which secures wine glasses smoothly. Suitable also for higher glasses.Their flexibility and dividability allows you to place different number of glasses.

Perfect surveillance

The careful placement of the LED light elegantly illuminates the dishwasher’s interior, which enables easy loading and unloading.

Always a perfectly clean dishwasher

A clean dishwasher tub ensures that the washing performance will always live up to your expectations. Run the self-cleaning program once a month and you'll never have to hand scrub the dishwasher tub, spray arms and pipes again.

Clean fast so you can slow down

Imagine throwing a dinner party and the dishes from the main course are cleaned in the time it takes to serve dessert. When you select the one hour programme together with the SpeedWash function, Gorenje dishwashers will do your dishes in only 15 minutes. Perfect for handling the volume of dishes created by having multiple guests in the house.

Always a clean baby bottle

This programme includes an additional rinse with cool water, followed by an extended wash with hot water at 70 °C to eliminate 99.9 % of all bacteria. The program that mimics the sterilization process is made for anyone with exceptionally high hygiene standards.

Party for two or twelve – the dishes will be spotlessly clean

Sometimes all you need is to give the glassware a light rinse, on other occasions your dishwasher is full of heavy dishes with left overs from Sunday lunch. The advanced sensor technology will always adjust your dishwashing programme to clean dishes perfectly with optimized water and energy consumption.

Carefully designed interior

The baskets are equipped with highlighted movable elements and a customizable basket layout for easy loading. The truly simple two level basket adjustment system allows you to fit even the biggest pots and plates. The plate rack in the lower basket can be easily folded. Cutlery can be perfectly organized on a special tray, where they are positioned separately for perfect cleaning and drying results. Every detail is carefully designed for easiest possible handling.

Saving your money

Thanks to the new Inverter PowerDrive motor, optimized programmes and smart solutions, Gorenje dishwashers combine ultra cleaning and drying results with very low energy consumption.

minimalistic sliding detergent dispenser

The new Gorenje dishwashing appliances are fitted with a minimalistic sliding detergent dispenser from where the pod pops out silently. The functionally of easy-to-clean dispenser makes better detergent dosage and wash all types of dishes.

Saving energy.

When you select the ECO programme, your appliance will use lower wash and rinse temperatures and minimise the amount of water required while still achieving effective dirt removal.

Gentle cleaning even for crystal glasses

With this specially developed glass programme, Gorenje UltraClean dishwashers will take gentle care of all of your glassware. Due to the lower washing temperature it is safe to use even on crystal glasses.

Higher temperature, lower consumption

Gorenje dishwashers can also be connected to hot water (max. 70 °C) instead of cold. Choosing hot water connection cuts programme times and reduces the dishwasher's electricity consumption. An environmentally and budget-friendly solution for your family.

Adjusted to every single pot

The truly simple two level basket adjustment system allows you to fit even the biggest pots and plates. It makes your dishwasher's interior completely adjustable to your current needs.

Very quiet washing in the night

With Night programme the new Gorenje dishwasher is 2 dB less noisy than the standard programme. Your dishes will be clean in the morning and your sleep will remain undisturbed.

Faultless filter operation

The rinsing system together with automatic filter clogging prevention ensures the filter to operate without faults and require significantly less cleaning.

Clarity and control

Navigating your dishwasher has never been easier. All the controls are located at an ergonomic position with a straightforward left-to-right logic of operation. While all models excel with the white LED display, some of the more advanced models are also enriched with touch control. Just one touch is enough to start the dishwashing process.

Clean dishes, lower electricity bill

Program to start the dishwashing process later and let the dishwasher work whenever it is most convenient, for example when electricity is cheaper. The dishes will be perfectly washed right when you need them.

No louder than a whisper

The best Gorenje UltraClean dishwashers operate at noise level which is equivalent to a whispered conversation between two people. The silent operation comes as a result of special sound insulation, efficient motors, high-quality materials and innovative solutions of the dishwashing system.

Flexibility at hand

Flexibility at hand. The adjustable third rack functions as a cutlery tray. It is positioned at the top of the tub, adding useable space and versatility to your dishwasher. Side panels can be readjusted according to how much space you need.

Do not worry about water spillage

With the AquaStop safety feature, the dishwasher can be safely left to operate at night as well as in your absence. In case of a leakage or flooding, AquaStop automatically cuts off the water supply while the pump drains the water out of the dishwasher tub. AquaStop remains fully functional over the lifetime of the appliance.

simple selection of the right programme

Ergonomically designed control panel provides excellent view and control over the washing process and selected settings. It allows simple selection of the right programme and other special settings.

Constant insight into your dishwasher statuses

Having control and constant information what is going on with your dishwasher is really a stress-free thing.

Live information about your dishwasher activities

No matter where you are and what you are doing, you will be always immediately notified on your mobile device when your oven has finished with the washing process.

Simple control of your dishwasher from anywhere

After sales support and FAQ at your fingertips

You can easily manage your dishwasher issues with immediate access to our „Frequently asked questions“ database on the app. And if you don‘t find the answers there and solve the issue by yourself, you can contact our after sales support directly from the app.What is even more convenient, you don‘ t have to think about your dishwasher model and serial number which are requested for the after sales service, as all necessary information will be sent directly from the application.


  • Група изделия: Съдомиална машина
  • Енергиен клас: C
  • Клас ниво на шум: B
  • Линия: Линия Superior
  • Цвят: Сребрист
  • Материал на пръскащото рамо: Пластмаса


  • Резултат от измиването: A
  • Резултат от сушенето: A
  • Мотор: Инверторен PowerDrive мотор
  • Консумация на вода за цикъл при Eco програма: 9.6 л
  • Максимална температура на входящата вода: 70 °C
  • Консумация на енергия за цикъл при Eco програма 40-60°C: 0.76 кВт/ч
  • Консумация на енергия за 100 цикъла: 76 кВт/ч
  • Консумация в режим на изчакване: 0.49 W
  • Отложен старт (W): 3.99


  • Wi-Fi управление: Yes, integrated
  • Управление: Сензорно управление
  • Индикатор за край на миенето: Указан със звуков и светлинен сигнал
  • Отложен старт: Променлив отложен старт от 0-24 ч
  • Функция 3 в 1: Да


  • Програми: Нощно миене Интензивна програма Програма "Хигиена" Автоматична програма Кристални чаши Еко програма Програма 1 час
  • Възможност да създавате собствени програми: Програми в паметта
  • Температури (°C): 40/45/50/55/60/65/70
  • Продължителност на програмата (пране): 200 мин.

Допълнителни функции

  • Брой комплекти: 16 брой
  • Система на горната кошница: MultiClack
  • Плъзгаща се врата: He
  • Панти: He
  • Вътрешно осветление: Да
  • Светлинен сигнал за статус: He
  • Допълнителни възможности: Самопочистваща програма TotalDry, автоматично отваряне на вратата Ioniser ExtraHygiene with UV Technology Функция Speedwash (4 допълнителни програми)
  • IonTech йонизация: Да
  • Сензори: Сензор за нивото на водата Сензор за чиста вода
  • AutoDose System: Yes, integrated
  • Intensive CleanZone: Да
  • SmartDry: Да


  • Брой кошници: 3
  • Горна кошница: Широка мрежа Дръжка Dividable pin rows Сгъваема лява поставка за чаши Wine glass fixings in TPE Дръжка с иноксово лого Сгъваеми стойки Сгъваема дясна поставка за чаши Foldable/dividable left CupHolder Една сгъваема поставка за чаши Guide rails with ball bearings 2 wide knife stands 4 cup holders
  • Долна кошница: Сгъваем/разделящ се заден ред Foldable/dividable rear wine shelf 4 foldable/dividable rear pin rows Higher basket with thicker front-top horizontal wire Дръжка Tight mesh base Дръжка с лого от неръждаема стомана
  • Средна кошница: Без средна кошница
  • Най-горна кошница: Dividable and removable Телескопични водачи Дръжка Свалящ се No logotype Дръжка с лого от неръждаема стомана


  • Защита от преливане: Пълен AquaStop
  • Сервизна диагностика: Да
  • Материал на казана: Вътрешност от инокс

Технически данни

  • Ниво на шума (макс.) dB(A): 40
  • Networked standby: 1.99 W
  • Настройка на височината: 50 мм
  • Ширина: 599 мм
  • Височина: 846 мм
  • Дълбочина: 598 мм
  • Ширина с опаковката: 640 мм
  • Височина с опаковката: 890 мм
  • Дълбочина с опаковката: 665 мм
  • Тегло бруто: 47.5 кг
  • Тегло нето: 45.5 кг
  • Волтаж: 220-240 V
  • Арт. код: 739748
  • EAN код: 3838782629990

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